Interacting with My Past

‘Interacting with My Past’ featured on Lenscratch

I’m proud to announce that my project Interacting with My Past is being featured today on Lenscratch.

Lenscratch is a blogzine that explores contemporary photography and offers opportunities for exposure and community. It is considered one of the 10 Photography-Related blogs you should be reading by Source, and InStyle Magazine. Founded and Edited by Aline Smithson. Aline had contacted me recently about featuring the project on the blog, It’s very exciting as I have been a follower of the blog for some time and have been exposed to many artists work though the daily Lenscratch updates. Aline’s work is amazing, check it out I am in awe of her dedication to promote new artists work and celebrate photography as a medium. Here are a few more images from the project that I haven’t shown on the blog.

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Project Update: Interacting with My Past

Early last year I introduced a new personal project called “Interacting with My Past.”  Over the past 18 months I have returned to the midwest four times to continue work on this project. This is an update of where the project is now with a new project statement that focuses more on memory and an underlying restlessness.

Project statement:
I am fascinated by memory. I find it to be simultaneously perfect and imperfect. You remember what you choose to remember and how you view your past is relative to what memories you keep.

This project is an exploration of my memory and how I remember my past. I have gone back to photograph the places and people who had an effect on me growing up in the midwestern United States. Having spent my formative years in Michigan, Missouri, and Kansas, I share a common bond with many other people who grew up between the coasts.

My memories of youth are mostly of an idyllic place in a midwestern setting. The landscapes that composed this land shaped my existence, whether it was the Great Lakes that touch Michigan or the endless wheat fields of Kansas.

While growing up in the Midwest, I also remember struggling with a restlessness. I had a constant desire to get out and pursue “something else.” I felt suffocated by these same midwestern landscapes and an attitude  that this was “good enough.” As I got older I realized that many of the people around me felt the same way. Over time I felt I had to leave the Midwest to outgrow those feelings, but it lingers in my mind and has left an indelible mark on my character.

Going back today, I find that many of those same people I grew up with continue to struggle with this restlessness on a daily basis. I have found that when you go back to explore your past, the perfect, idyllic memories fade into a new imperfect reality. Time overtakes memory, as the places and people have evolved with growth and change. These images are part perfect memory, imperfect reality, and portraits of an ongoing restlessness. This is my experience Interacting with My Past.

After a year and a half of shooting, I realize that the project isn’t done yet. I still have some history to explore and places to visit before it will be complete. Since introducing the project on the blog early last year Project debut, March 2011, the project won a Photo District News award for the Faces contest for environmental portraiture PDN contest August 2011.

If you would like to see a more complete edit of the project please view it in the ‘Projects’ section of my website: Interacting With My Past.

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New Project: Interacting with My Past

Last fall I started a new project photographing portraits of friends and the places I grew up around the midwest. At the time I had a clear idea of what/who I wanted to photograph although I hadn’t refined the direction for the project. In January I spent a week in Kansas City working on the project and after editing the material the project has become a bit more focused. This is part one of the series that I intend to keep adding to and refining called: “Interacting with My Past”.

Premise behind the project:

How you perceive your past is relative to where you are in the present and your memories change over time. This project is an exploration of memories of my past. The photographs are of people I know and the places I grew up in the midwestern United States. As I go back to visit the people and places that I left when I moved away, my relationship to the people and places changes and evolves with time. In the years that have passed since I left the midwest, I often wonder what would have happened if I had stayed.

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631 N 1st Ave, Suite 212
Phoenix Arizona 85003


Mark Peterman explores narratives with photographs and multimedia. Although his work
is at home in the post-modern world it is very informed by history. A desire to be creative
on a daily basis fuels his curiosity about the human experience and he documents things in sketchbooks as a way of remembering his life.

Since he was young, he has been recreating the world around him through photographs and is continually refining his artistic vision by drawing on influences from music, literature and art. Mark's work reflects a graphic, story-telling quality with a cinematic feel, drawing on his design background while studying at the Kansas City Art Institute.

Mark enjoys photographing ordinary people who do interesting things. Although he is primarily a still photographer, he has recently started incorporating multi-media and motion into his work. Recent project themes include examining how one's memory is affected with the passage of time and exploring family histories.