Hyundai advertorial in Outside Magazine

Out this month in Outside Magazine is an advertorial that I photographed for Hyundai back in February.


The project was an outdoor weekend adventure in Arizona with the Hyundai Santa Fe for the Wolf family from New Jersey. The weekend was packed with two days of outdoor activities that included: hiking, canyoneering and horseback riding all in the Phoenix metro area.






Below is the tearsheet as it appears in Outside Magazine this month.



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Mark Peterman explores narratives with photographs and multimedia. Although his work
is at home in the post-modern world it is very informed by history. A desire to be creative
on a daily basis fuels his curiosity about the human experience and he documents things in sketchbooks as a way of remembering his life.

Since he was young, he has been recreating the world around him through photographs and is continually refining his artistic vision by drawing on influences from music, literature and art. Mark's work reflects a graphic, story-telling quality with a cinematic feel, drawing on his design background while studying at the Kansas City Art Institute.

Mark enjoys photographing ordinary people who do interesting things. Although he is primarily a still photographer, he has recently started incorporating multi-media and motion into his work. Recent project themes include examining how one's memory is affected with the passage of time and exploring family histories.