It’s 2:30 on a Monday

It’s 2:30pm on a Monday. I am not at work… Mondays are my day at home. My wife goes to work on Mondays, we alternate days that we stay home to be parents. it’s a strange way to start the week. But I set my own hours being self-employed or my clients set my hours, either way things are always in flux.

My wife and I became parents in February 2009 when our daughter Maisy was born. Incorporating her life into our life has been a huge challenge for us both. In many ways she has forced both my wife and i to change and grow in new and unexpected ways.

The impact that my daughter has had on my life has been immeasurable. She has a tazmanian devil-like energy that I can only try to keep up with and clean up after.  It takes a lot of energy to keep it all together and maintain both our careers. These photos are about Maisy’s exploration of her new world, the toys I pick up after she goes to bed and about my time with Maisy…

I had previewed this project on the blog a few weeks ago here and since this is an ongoing project it will change before it takes a final form on the website.

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Wednesday, April 13th, 2011 Personal Work, Projects

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  1. Mark, it is so wonderful to see your daughter. Not sure you remember us from Walnut Gardens, but you were wonderful to watch grow. So happy to see you using your giftedness with the camera. We live in Colorado, in Ute Pass above Colorado Springs. Great place for wonderful pictures! Larry uses Pikes Peak as a center for painting. You might look at his website
    If you ever want to see this part of the world, we would love to have you visit.

  2. Dorcas Wilkinson on April 13th, 2011
  3. Thanks for sharing just a glimpse of the “other” Mark Peterman… the family man. Great to see and know that even a great pro and seasoned photog as yourself has to work to find the right balance. THANK YOU!

  4. Michelle H. on April 15th, 2011

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