New Project: Interacting with My Past

Last fall I started a new project photographing portraits of friends and the places I grew up around the midwest. At the time I had a clear idea of what/who I wanted to photograph although I hadn’t refined the direction for the project. In January I spent a week in Kansas City working on the project and after editing the material the project has become a bit more focused. This is part one of the series that I intend to keep adding to and refining called: “Interacting with My Past”.

Premise behind the project:

How you perceive your past is relative to where you are in the present and your memories change over time. This project is an exploration of memories of my past. The photographs are of people I know and the places I grew up in the midwestern United States. As I go back to visit the people and places that I left when I moved away, my relationship to the people and places changes and evolves with time. In the years that have passed since I left the midwest, I often wonder what would have happened if I had stayed.

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Tuesday, March 29th, 2011 Personal Work, Portraiture, Projects

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